Get Ready to Rumble: Preparing for the Plumber’s Visit

Being prepared for your plumber’s visit helps ensure repairs go smoothly

Calling a plumber can feel like prepping for a heavyweight title fight. Some tough plumbing problems are in the other corner, but having a professional slugger like W.J. McNabb in your corner will stack the odds in your favor.

However, even the best prizefighters need people in their corner to perform at their best, so here are some ways you can prepare your home for the plumber’s visit.

Clear the Ring

When getting your home ready for the plumber, think of any obstructions that may impede their access to problem areas. Remove any barriers blocking access to water lines, pipes, drains, or shut-off valves. Make sure your plumber has a straight path to step into the ring and reach the plumbing issue. Clear under sinks, shift furniture, sweep dusty crawlspaces – give your plumber easy access for a knockout punch to your plumbing issues.

Cut Off the Water Supply

Locate and label the main water shut-off valve as well as the individual shut-off valves for sinks, toilets, and other fixtures before your plumber arrives. Turning off the water at the source prevents additional leaking or flooding while the technician diagnoses and repairs the problem. It also allows for complete drainage of pipes and fixtures which aids in the repair process. Make sure your plumber knows which valves have been turned off so they can keep the water supply isolated as needed during their work. Properly cutting off water flow helps the job go smoothly from start to finish.

Fund the Purse

It’s always a wise decision to inquire about the payment methods and upfront fees charged by your plumber for specific services before they start work. This will help you avoid any unexpected surprises or confusion when it comes to paying the bill. Typically, plumbers accept major credit cards, checks, or cash. It’s a good idea to have your preferred payment ready when the technician arrives to ensure a smooth payment process upon completion of the work. Clear communication regarding financial expectations helps to maintain focus on providing quality plumbing repairs rather than payment details.

Review Past Rounds

Make a list of all previous plumbing issues, no matter how minor, to brief your technician upfront. Providing a complete bout history helps them bring the right tools and gear for high-performing repairs to your plumbing. Think pre-fight tape review to build the best battle plan.

Ask About Strategy

Prior to your appointment, speak with your plumber about the scope of work needed, projected costs, expected timelines, and other job details. Ask questions to understand the full strategy and sequence of repairs. Get clarity on why particular methods, parts, or materials may be recommended. Request an explanation of relevant plumbing codes and standards. Inquire about warranties or guarantees for labor and parts. Reviewing the game plan upfront ensures no surprises arise and that you fully comprehend the approach. Keep an open dialogue with your technician so you both have a clear game plan aligned before the plumbing work begins. This allows the service call to proceed logically and efficiently from start to finish.

Allow Space to Work

While your W.J. McNabb plumber is performing repairs, it’s best to let them have full access to the work areas without crowding. However, do remain available in case they have any questions or need to review the status of the job with you. Check-in periodically for progress updates at natural breaking points. Your technician will appreciate you allowing them ample room to focus on the task at hand. With space to concentrate, the necessary plumbing repairs can be completed efficiently. Of course, don’t hesitate to speak up regarding any concerns you may have about the work being done. With mutual respect and open communication, the service call will go smoothly for both you and your plumber.

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