Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Garbage Disposal Problem?

Whether you have a garbage disposal and it’s not working correctly, or if it’s finally time to install one in your home, a garbage disposal is a former luxury that is almost a necessity in these times.

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Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair

Do you hate having to constantly take out smelly garbage? Does the garbage you take out fill your yard with stench during the heat of summer? Do you currently have a garbage disposal that is leaking or has stopped working? If you’re in need of a garbage disposal repair or installation, contact McNabb Plumbing today.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems and Troubleshooting

The garbage disposal won’t turn on. If your garbage disposal won’t turn on, then there’s a good chance that it became jammed, causing it to overheat. As a result, it may have tripped the disposal or the circuit breaker. If the disposal won’t run, turn off the unit. Check under the disposal and see if you can locate the red reset button. Push it and see if that gets the unit to turn off. If not, then check the circuit box and see if the breaker for the disposal is tripped. If so, turn the breaker to the “off” position and then “on.”

The garbage disposal is humming, but not turning. The garbage disposal has become jammed. IF IT IS JAMMED, NEVER STICK YOUR HAND INTO THE DISPOSAL. Even if the unit is off, the blades are sharp and dangerous. Make sure the unit is off, you can even turn off the breaker to make sure it can’t be turned on by accident. Your garbage disposal comes with a hex wrench that can be used to insert into the opening located at the bottom of the unit. If you can’t locate this wrench, then try to insert a broom handle or plunger into the sink drain opening and try to rotate the jammed flywheel. If it seems to be moving freely turn the unit back on (and don’t forget to turn back on the circuit breaker if you don’t it off) and see if the unit is working.

The garbage disposal is leaking. The garbage disposal may be leaking from multiple sources. If the leak is from the top, it is probably leaking from the seal between the sink and the unit. Fixing it requires removing the disposal. If the unit is leaking from the bottom, it is often a sign that the internal seals are worn, and it is probably time to replace the unit. Garbage disposals typically last 10 to 12 years. The disposal can also leak where it connects to the dishwasher drain line or the main drain line.

The garbage disposal is clogged or slowly draining. While a garbage disposal is a useful tool, not all food waste can be put through a garbage disposal, leading to clogs. Some items that should never be put into the disposal include fats, oils, grease, egg shells, potatoes, coffee grinds, rice, and bones.

The garbage disposal stinks. Nobody likes the kitchen to smell like a dumpster. If your garbage disposal smells, try the following:

To get rid of the smells, first try pouring BioSmart (available at WJ McNabb Plumbing) down your drain. You can also try 1 cup lemon juice down the drain. After a few minutes, run warm water down the drain.
If you have a garbage disposal, you can try dumping a tray of ice cubes down the drain, and then turn on the garbage disposal while running water. This will knock off any food debris stuck in the disposal, and the salt will scrub it as well.
You can also scrub the visible part of the disposal and the housing with a scrub brush toothbrush and a paste made from baking soda and some dish detergent. As a precaution, make sure to unplug the disposal, and never stick your hand down the disposal.

What to Expect During the Installation of a Whole-home Water Filtration System

When you call McNabb Plumbing, we’ll discuss your problem and look to get a feel for what the cause may be. Sometimes, you may know what’s wrong, and other times, you’re just not sure of anything. No worries! We’ll gather as much information about your problem as possible and work with you to identify a time that fits your schedule where we can come out to see the problem in person.

Typically speaking, one of our plumbers will arrive on-scene within a day of your call (or sooner, in the event of an emergency) and will look at the problem with you. We’ll provide you an estimate of the work we’ll do and make sure to discuss the project with you in its entirety–there are no hidden fees or charges you’ll “find out about later.”

It’s best to clear out everything you have under both sides of kitchen sink–or we can do it for you! Please remove dirty dishes and silverware from the kitchen sink.

During every visit, our plumbers wear protective gear that protects your house during our visit, as the last thing we’d ever want to do is create more trouble for you. We go to great lengths to minimize our impact in your home.

We check for the power to be shut off to the unit and then remove the garbage disposal. Then, we wire to a new unit and fasten the new unit onto the bottom of the sink.

When we’re done, we’ll connect the drain, run the water, and test for leaks. We will turn on the electric and operate the new disposal. We’ll take away the old unit with us, so you don’t have to worry about disposal (pun intended?).

Why McNabb Plumbing for Your Garbage Disposal Work

Whether your existing garbage disposal needs to be repaired or replaced, or you are looking to add one to your kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. McNabb Plumbing has the know-how to fit your kitchen with the right size disposal to meet your family’s needs, or to repair or replace your existing disposal quickly. We all know that having a service person in our house, whether a plumber or the cable guy, can be disruptive, even if necessary. At McNabb Plumbing, we promise to carefully and quickly get the job done right; we guarantee it.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the service we have provided, (barring cost) we will refund your money. If our plumbers smoke or are disrespectful in your home, are not drug tested, or leave your home without cleaning up, you do not pay for the service. If a repair or equipment that we have provided and installed fails in the first year, we will repair it again–no charge.

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