Grease Trap Replacements

Grease Trap Replacements

Grease Trap Replacements

Are you a restaurant owner who has ever had to close your kitchen due to a sewer problem? Are you opening a new restaurant or renovating your kitchen and need a new grease trap? Do you want to hire a plumbing company that will make sure you install a grease trap that meets the needs of your kitchen and meets the requirements of your local municipal code?

What Do I Need to Know About a Grease Trap?

A grease trap’s purpose is to capture fat, oil, and greases (FOGS) and solid before they enter a water disposal system. Once captured in the trap, FOGs begin to cool down, allowing them to harden above the water. The water is then able to empty into the municipal sewer system.

This is important for multiple reasons. For the restaurant owner, grease can leak into drainage pipes and harden, causing a blockage. This blockage can eventually lead to major plumbing problems that can disrupt your restaurant’s ability to properly serve customers. Worse yet, a grease trap problem may even cause you to close when you normally are open, costing you money and possibly hurting your restaurant’s reputation.

Grease is also very harmful to municipal sewer systems, causing blockage and overflows. It is also harmful to water treatment facilities, potentially causing pollution to local water treatment facilities. In the US there are an estimated 400,000 sewer blockages and 40,000 overflows per year. The EPA has found that grease is the main cause of sewer blockages. As a result, local municipalities have strict code requirements for restaurants relating to the proper installation and maintenance of grease traps.

Problems with a Full Grease Trap

Unfortunately, a grease trap must be properly cleaned and maintained in order to function as it should. If a grease trap is not cleaned regularly, which can be every 1-4 months, it will not work properly, potentially leading to drain blockage.

Is it time to clean your trap?

If you are experiencing any of the following signs, then it is time to check your trap:

  1. A nasty odor. A bad odor from your kitchen is not only a potential turn off to customers but can also make the work of your entire kitchen staff unpleasant.
  2. Low water levels. A full grease trap can cause the low water level in your toilets, which can lead to more unpleasant issues.
  3. Slow-draining pipes. Slow draining pipes are another sign that it’s time to clean your grease trap.

If your grease trap has become full and you haven’t keep up with regular maintenance, then some grease may have infiltrated and hardened in your sewer drains.  If you’re worried that might be the case or you just want to have some preventative maintenance performed, then McNabb Plumbing has you covered. We offer hydro jetting, a very effective method similar to pressure water to clean your drain pipes

Grease Trap Size Matters

When installing a grease trap, it is important to size it correctly. If a grease trap is too small, then it will not allow the FOG to separate properly, clogging your drain pipes. If it’s too big, it can add unnecessary cost to your business.  Our professionals will help you choose and will expertly install the correct grease trap to meet your needs and keep your kitchen running smoothly.

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