Hydro Jetting / Waterjetting

Hydro Jetting / Waterjetting

Hydro Jetting/Water Jetting

Worried the drain cleaner you bought at the home improvement store can cause damage to your pipes? Did you hire a plumber to use a drain snake to clear a backed-up sewer drain only to have the problem return? Want a more permanent and efficient solution for sewage drain clogs?

Hydro/Water Jetting is the latest technology used in cleaning out clogged sewer lines in both commercial and residential settings. Hydro jetting uses over 4000 PSI of water pressure in a method similar to pressure washing to help clear your sewer lines of built-up debris.

Some common causes of sewer drain blockage include:

  • Food and grease build up, especially in commercial restaurant settings.
  • Hair and soap scum
  • Mud and sand due to cracks and damages in the drains
  • Tree roots

Hydro jetting is capable of clearing all causes of sewer drain blockages in both old and new buildings.

Hydro Jetting vs. Traditional Plumbing Methods

The method used to clear sewer pipes that many people are familiar with is a drain snake or auger, aka the plumber’s snake. It is a flexible metal wire placed into the drain and used to break up debris or blockage in the drain and possibly pull an obstruction out of the drain on its way out. These snakes range from hand-operated snakes used for clearing smaller drains such as a sink drain, all the way to professional electrical augers used to clear major sewer drain clogs. While this tool is very useful in clearing all blockages including debris, it is capable of causing greater damage and destruction to sewer pipes, especially when it is not used by a trained and careful operator.

In addition, many drain snakes are only capable of clearing out a path as wide as the auger that is being used. While this clears an area for drainage to resume, it is often only temporary until another clog occurs.

Hydro Jetting eliminates the “temporary solution” problem that can arise from the use of a drain snake. Using various sizes and types of nozzle attachments as well as various water pressures, it allows us to clear the entire drain pipe of any debris. Another added advantage is that the water pressure pushes the cleared sludge or deposits that might otherwise be left behind.

Sewer Pipe Lining

Hydro jetting is also needed before a trenchless sewer pipe relining. The Hydro jetting completely cleans the pipe, giving the new pipe lining a clean surface to adhere to.

If you are interested in learning more about this process, please view our trenchless plumbing information.

Why Choose McNabb Plumbing

Hydro jetting is an effective tool in both residential and commercial setting. For residential customers, hydro jetting is a great way to ensure your pipes are completely clear and eliminate the need for multiple call backs that sometimes result from the use of a drain snake.

For commercial customers (especially restaurants), hydro jetting is a great way to ensure that no clogs happen. A major drain clog or back up can mean closures and major downtown for your business, and that means money down the drain. While hydro jetting is a very useful tool in solving known sewage drain blockage problems, it is also a useful preventative tool to help ensure your sewage drains remain clear and free of debris. McNabb Plumbing can set up a maintenance water jetting schedule to ensure your drains remain clear and functional at all times.

Hydro jetting works great, but as with traditional methods, it requires a knowledgeable technician to operate effectively to ensure the job is done correctly.  In some instances, depending on circumstances, it might not even be the preferred method of choice. Hydro jetting usually takes more time than traditional methods and sometimes the equipment needs to be run through your pipes a second time to ensure they have been thoroughly cleared.

At McNabb Plumbing we use a state-of-the-art camera system to closely inspect your sewer lines to determine the problem. At that point, we will discuss all options, including the time and money required for each option. At McNabb, we never want to provide the solution that’s best for us, but the solution that’s best for you.

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