Outdoor Faucet Repairs & Replacements

Outdoor Hose Faucets Repairs or Replacements

Outdoor Hose and Faucets

Do you have a classic or modern sports car that you love to make shine? Do you love to keep your yard full of beautiful flowers and luscious green grass? Do you have a house full of kids who love water balloon battles and Slip ‘N Slides in the summer? Do you love picking fresh vegetables from your garden?

If you said yes to any of those questions, then you probably know how useful an outdoor faucet is.  And if you ever tried to do more than one of those things at a time or had to run 100 feet of kinked, twisted garden hose around the side of your house, then you know that having multiple outdoor faucets in multiple locations can also be very beneficial.   Installation, repairs, or replacements for outdoor faucets can usually be done with little or no work within finished spaces of your house that are usually required for other plumbing repairs or upgrades.

Why Do Outdoor Faucets Need to be Repaired or Replaced?

Is your outdoor faucet damaged due to a frozen pipe or do you have a leaking and rusted faucet caused by years of wear and tear? Do you get sprayed with water every time you turn on the outdoor faucet?  An outdoor faucet has many uses, but in this part of the country, an outdoor water faucet is subject to the potentially harsh winters during which the faucet is unnecessary and not useful. These weather conditions can cause the faucet to rust and/or freeze, completely or partially damaging the faucet.

Many of us ignore an outdoor water faucet that has a minor leak because the small drip is outside and does not cause any damage to the house. However, a small continuous leak can waste several gallons of water a day, and a fast drip can waste 30 to hundreds of gallons a day, adding money to your water bill. Our advice? Replace your leaking faucet today, and stop wasting money.

Tips for Winterizing Your Faucets

Make sure to take these steps prior to freezing weather.

  1. Unscrew any hoses or splitter attached to the faucet.
  2. Locate the hose shut-off valve usually located in your basement or garage, and close the valve.
  3. Open the outdoor faucet valve and let any water still in the pipes drain.
  4. You can also add insulation sleeves over pipes that run to the outdoor faucets or use an insulated faucet cover.

McNabb Plumbing for Outdoor Faucet Installation

Whether you need an existing outdoor faucet repaired or replaced or want additional water faucets installed, McNabb Plumbing is the choice for outdoor water faucet installation. McNabb Plumbing will inspect existing outdoor faucets for potential problems and make recommendations to repair or replace any problem faucets and add any necessary shut off valves for the faucets.

McNabb Plumbing can install freeze-proof outdoor faucets, which help to eliminate dealing with frozen outdoor faucets.  These faucets still need to be shut off and properly installed to prevent freezing. If you want an outdoor water faucet expertly installed to meet all of your needs, then contact McNabb Plumbing today.

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