Toilet Repairs and Installation

Toilet Repairs and Installation

Toilet Installation & Replacement

Did you hear that one joke about the toilet? Nevermind, it’s too dirty. All potty humor aside, the bathroom and specifically the toilet are an important and essential part of our daily lives. What other plumbing fixture has garnered so many names such as can, commode, bowl, potty, loo, WC, the house of office, dunny, bog, john, latrine, lavatory, and multiple variations of the throne? In fact, according to the EPS, the toilet accounts for 27% of all water consumption in a household.  Not only that, but a recent British study found that the average Brit spends more time on the toilet in a week than exercising, and the average person in the US is probably not that much different.

Considering the amount of use we put our toilets through, it’s no surprise that there are multiple problems that can arise with your toilet.

Hi, Is Your Toilet Running? Really? Where’s It Going?

A common occurrence you have been sure to notice is a trickling toilet. This is usually caused by the fill valve located in the tank in the toilet is not adjusted to right level. This causes water to enter the overfill tube and run into the toilet bowl. Before calling the pros at McNabb, you can lift the tank lid and look for an adjustment screw on the fill valve, turning it counterclockwise to lower the water level.

In addition to water trickling, you may have also experienced a toilet flushing by itself.  A phantom flush or ghost flush (as this is referred to by plumbers) occurs when water leaks out of your toilet tank and then must fill back up to the fill line. This is caused by a leaking flapper. A flapper is the rubber seal that lifts when you flush the toilet handle allowing the tank to empty into the bowl. Over time this rubber can erode, allowing water to trickle into the bowl.

Another problem you may be experiencing is a slow-draining toilet bowl. Though it may take a few extra seconds or even a second flush, the toilet bowl and all its contents eventually drain. Thankfully we’ve avoided pulling out the plunger. While a slow-draining toilet can be a sign of a forming drain clog, there are also other potential causes for your toilet trouble.

One possible cause of a slow-draining toilet is clogged holes under the rim of the toilet bowl. These holes are where the water empties into the tank from the bowl. The holes can become clogged due to bacteria or mineral deposits in the water, lessening the water pressure of the toilet flush.  One way to clear the clogs is to use a piece of wire or a straightened paper clip.

Your toilet could also be slow draining if it was a first-generation low-flow toilet. These toilets were first put in use in the mid-1990’s and were designed to reduce the amount of water released with each flush in response to water conservation concerns.  The poor design of these toilets lowered flushing pressure. This often made multiple flushes necessary, ironically using more water than higher-flow toilets. If you believe your toilet is part of these early generation low-flow toilets, it may be time to replace it. Newer technology has improved the flush pressure of low-flow toilets, allowing them to function as originally intended.

When Is Flushable Not Really Flushable?

Most of us have experienced flushing a toilet and watching the water level inching closer to the top of the bowl. At that moment, we realize its time to get out the plunger. But what caused the toilet drain to clog? Sometimes it’s as simple as an excess amount of toilet paper being used. Another cause of toilet clogs is flushing products that should not really be flushed. Even though many wipes claim they are flushable, often they are not. The same can be true for feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, paper towels, dental floss, diapers, or hair. All of these items can contribute to toilet drain clogs.

Let McNabb Handle Your Toilet Plumbing Problems

Did you just install a new tile floor in your bathroom, and now your old toilet just looks dated and out of place? Why not replace it with a new, efficient toilet instead of resetting it? Or maybe you are tired of jiggling the toilet handle or simply want to upgrade the look of your bathroom. Are you tired of your first-generation low-flow toilet taking multiple flushes to work properly?  Do you just need a new wax ring due to water leaking around the toilet flange and want the same toilet reset? Did you try to install a new toilet yourself and then discovered the supply line is no longer long enough to reach the tank?

No matter the reason, McNabb Plumbing is Pittsburgh’s best-value plumber for all your toilet installation needs. We know you may only have one toilet in your home or how important your “throne” can be to you. Our courteous and cleanly team of pros will quickly and correctly install your toilet and have it up and running in no time.

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