Bathtub Plumbing Repairs and Replacements

Bathtub Plumbing Repairs and Replacements

Bathtub Plumbing Repairs from McNabb Plumbing

Repairing plumbing problems in your bathroom might just be the best gift we can give a homeowner. When it comes to the different rooms in your home, there is usually no room harder to go without than your bathroom.  It is important to catch any plumbing problems and make the appropriate repairs before they become bigger problems that might lead to extended time without the use of your bathroom. In a home, the bathroom typically contains more plumbing than other rooms in the house and the bathtub in just one part of the bathroom that may need to be repaired.

Common Bathtub Problems

No one likes standing in a bathtub filling while showering due to a slow-draining tub.  A clogged drain is usually to blame for a slow-draining tub, although soap scum or hard water deposits can also be the cause. A slow, clogging drain can also be a sign of bigger problems. This is especially true if you have a septic tank.

Here are two methods to try first to remedy a bathtub drain:

  1. Using BioSmart (available at WJ McNabb Plumbing) in all your drains once a month helps keep them running fast. It acts as a probiotic for your drains!
  2. Place a plunger over the drain after running hot water down the drain and plunge up and down several times.

These methods may work permanently, temporarily, or not at all. If you are unable to clear the drain or the clog returns, contact McNabb Plumbing for a full inspection.

Problems with Your Shower’s Water Pressure

Do you have a dual bathtub and shower? Have you noticed that the water pressure from the shower head is weaker and some of the water is now flowing from the tub faucet at the same time?

In order to switch the water flow from the tub faucet to the shower head, you need to pull a lever or turn a knob/handle that will divert the water. The mechanism that controls this is called the diverter valve. Different parts of the valve assembly can wear or become clogged with sediment. If this happens, it prevents the valve from closing fully and causes water to come out of both the faucet and the shower head, lowering the effectiveness of both the shower and tub function of the dual shower/bathtub. When the water pressure problem gets too bad, you simply can’t use the “shower” part of your shower/bathtub combination.

Water Damage Hiding in Plain Sight

Leaks in bathtub plumbing can be very hard to detect. As with any leaking pipes and plumbing inside walls, the leak is not always detectable.  Since the bathtub and areas around it are often wet or damp, the signs of a hidden leak in these areas can be even harder to detect.

There are a few signs that may reveal a hidden bathtub plumbing leak. These include low water pressure, a musty water smell (old sitting water smells different from water that evaporates after a bath or shower), or stains or damp-looking spots on the ceiling in areas below the bathtub. Stains can also indicate the start of a serious leak above. Stains also are the beginning of mold. We all know that some molds can make you very ill, so don’t let that stain grow!

McNabb Plumbing-The Right Choice for Bathtub Plumbing Repairs

The technicians at McNabb Plumbing use their years of experience to identify and solve any seen or unseen problems with your bathtub. We know that many of you only have one bathroom, or have multiple family members that are used to having more than one bathroom. Our team will do their best to have your bathtub repaired as quickly as possible, so you can get back to normal. Along the way, we’ll keep you updated step by step as part of the process.

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