Gas Line Repair and Installation

Gas Line Repair and Installation

Gas Line Troubles?

You need help installing a new gas line, or maybe you’re having problems with the gas lines you already have. Thankfully, you know that gas lines are best left to the professionals.

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Gas leaks and problems are nothing to mess around with. Thankfully, you have plumbers like McNabb Plumbing ready and able to tackle your most complex problems. Let us know what’s going on, and we’ll make sure to dispatch the perfect team for the job.

Problem Solved

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we’re going to solve your problem. While we do it, we’re going to take great care of your home, teach you about what we’re doing and how to prevent it in the future, and leave you with solutions that last.

Repair and Installation of Gas Lines in Your Home or Business

Do you need a gas line installed for a new appliance?  Does your gas line have a faulty connection or need a repair? Did the contractor building your deck hit a gas line, and you need it repaired? Whether you need an interior or exterior gas line repair or installation, McNabb Plumbing is your plumber of choice.  Your Plumber for residential, multi family units, commercial and industrial gas line repair – up to and including 4” fusion!

Time to Change Your Gas Lines?

Have you recently upgraded a new appliance? Do you want to convert from electric to gas prices in an attempt to save money? Have you tried to move the stove to tile your kitchen floor but discovered a stuck shut-off valve?

McNabb Plumbing can meet all your interior gas line installation needs, from gas meters into all appliances, including your furnace and water heater to solving problems with gas leaks. McNabb Plumbing installs WARDFLEX CSST tubing systems with a multiple valve set (think of it as a circuit panel for gas) located in the basement with ID tags for each appliance.

WARDFLEX is Corrugated Stainless-Steel Tubing. It is a flexible gas pipe system that allows for greater performance over traditional black-steel piping. WARDFLEX’s flexibility also allows for an easier installation as it reduces cutting, threading, and mess. It also allows for fewer connections, which lowers the possibility of leaks. WARDFLEX is available for use in both residential and commercial settings.

McNabb Plumber is a certified and trained WARDFLEX installer and your premier choice for gas line repairs and installations in the Pittsburgh area.

We Work with Outside Gas Lines, Too!

McNabb Plumbing not only handles your interior gas line needs, but your exterior gas line needs as well. All McNabb Plumbers are certified drug-free by the Department of Transportation, who oversees gas line pipes, and all of our plumbers are subject to random drug testing. This assures you that you are getting the safest and most secure installation available. McNabb offers both traditional trench and trenchless exterior gas line installations. To learn more about our trenchless installations, visit our Perma Liner page.

What to Do If You Suspect a Gas Leak

  1. DO make sure to open your doors and windows and make sure any pilot lights in your home are turned off. This is likely an obvious move, but in a panic, you may forget this step. Eliminating the problem and allowing fresh air into the home helps keep you safe.
  2. DON’T try to find the leak. Staying in the home and inspecting your lines for a potential leak further exposes you to additional inhalation of the gas itself and increases your chance of being in a dangerous accident.
  3. DO make sure to leave the room immediately and exit your home if you even remotely suspect the leak is anything but minor and recent. Just like the previous point, staying in and around a gas leak is dangerous in multiple ways.
  4. DON’T turn on switch lights or use household appliances. Certainly, don’t light a cigarette or candle in the home. You do not want to create a spark or flame of any kind around a gas leak. Do not touch any source of ignition in your home.
  5. Once you are in a safe place, DO call the gas company immediately.
  6. DON’T assume your neighbors will call if you smell a gas leak is outside your home. Make sure to report the leak immediately. Leaks that occur outside of your home can be just as dangerous.

How to Identify a Gas Leak in Your Home

While major accidents due to gas leaks are not common, when they do occur they can be very devastating. Even if you avoid any major damage to your home, gas leaks can have physical side effects to anyone in the house or building. So how can you identify a gas leak?


You notice the smell of “rotten eggs.” The gas company adds mercaptan to the gas to make it recognizable in case of a leak. Plumbers that constantly work with different gas companies will also be able to tell which gas company is the provider, just by the smell!


The slight sound of a whistling or hissing might indicate that you hear a gas line leak.


Dead or struggling houseplants can be a sign of a gas leak (or that you forgot to water them). If you have hearty plants that you take care of regularly, but they are struggling, you might want to double check that it’s not a gas leak in your home. Dead grass patch in the yard for no reason? Do you add soil, seed, and water but nothing grows? Check if this area is in a straight line from your gas meter to the street valve. If it is, it could be a gas leak in an old line. Call your gas company!


Many people report flu-like symptoms (headaches and nausea) along with dizziness, fatigue, feeling light-headed, and irritation to the eyes and throat in the presence of a gas leak.

What to Expect During Your Gas Line Repairs or Installation

When you call McNabb Plumbing, we’ll discuss your problem and look to get a feel for what the cause may be. For outside repairs, there will be some excavation of the beginning and end of the gas service line. Any plants bushes, decorative mulch, or stone should be moved.

Typically speaking, one of our plumbers will arrive on-scene within a day of your call (or sooner, in the event of an emergency) and will look at the problem with you. We’ll provide you an estimate of the work we’ll do and make sure to discuss the project with you in its entirety–there are no hidden fees or charges you’ll “find out about later.”

During every visit, our plumbers wear protective gear that protects your house during our visit, as the last thing we’d ever want to do is create more trouble for you. We go to great lengths to minimize our impact in your home.

When we start work on your property:

  • If the gas company has not shut off the gas, we will.
  • We will sever the line and attempt to insert the new line through the old line.
  • We air test and call the gas company for inspection.
  • Most cases are completed in one working day.

After inspection, we re-connect both ends of the new line, turn on the gas, and light your appliances.

We backfill to rough grade, and we will plant your bushes, flowers, plants, mulch and/or stone. We do not reseed the lawn.

Why Call McNabb Plumbing for Your Gas Line Repairs

At McNabb Plumbing we know how inconvenient it can be to have an issue with your gas lines. Not being able to heat your house in the winter can force you to leave until the problem is solved and can lead to issues with frozen pipes. Not being able to use a gas stove to cook or a gas dryer to dry your clothes can also add difficulty to your everyday life. If you’re in need of a trusted and experienced plumber, call McNabb Plumbing today!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the service we have provided, (barring cost) we will refund your money. If our plumbers smoke or are disrespectful in your home, are not drug tested, or leave your home without cleaning up, you do not pay for the service. If a repair or equipment that we have provided and installed fails in the first year, we will repair it again–no charge.

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