Eliminating Rust Stains from Toilets by McNabb Plumbing

Tips on eliminating rust stains from your toilet | W. J. McNabb Plumbing, your local Pittsburgh plumbing experts. Eliminating Rust Stains from your toilet doesn’t have to be frustrating, and at W.J. McNabb Plumbing, we understand the frustration of dealing with rust stains in and around your toilet. Rust stains not only detract from the […]

New Homeowner? Check Out this Beginners Guide to Home Plumbing

Owning your first home is an exciting milestone! Once you start decorating and adding those personal touches, it really begins to sink in that the house is all yours. But before you pick out furniture and paint colors, it’s important to give your home’s plumbing system some attention too. Don’t worry – this beginner’s guide […]